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Gruntlac Gatecrusher - Boar Pit Fighter
  • Gruntlac Gatecrusher - Boar Pit Fighter

    Gruntlac earned his name at the Siege of Kell, where he single handedly breached the gates of the Kell Citadel, leading to a swift and bloody victory against the boggarts fortified there. Those same boggarts now pay him to fight in their pits.

    Long ago the forests were ruled by the great boars and sows of Westerwood. They lived in huge sounders and held council with the other forest tribes. Now they are but a shadow of what they were, finding work where they can as bodyguards, pit-fighters and mercenaries.



    Gruntlac Resin Figure with bonus helmetless head

    40mm Round Base

    Illustrated Gruntlac Card Signed by Artist Jack Good

    Miniatures come unpainted and unassembled
    Gruntlac is 43mm to the top of his head
    Price includes tax



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    Due to Covid restrictions I will be posting things out slightly less frequently so orders may take slightly longer than usual to arrive. Thankyou for your understanding.


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